Friday, May 22, 2015

[Review] Dollar Shave Club: A Great and Affordable Option For Anyone Who Shaves!

Disclaimer: I'm not being paid for this review. I bought this product with my own money and I really like it. 

If you regularly shave any part of your body, face, or head, you know that all the stuff involved with the process is expensive. An average store bought razor costs upwards of $10 to $15. That is just for the handle and one razor head. Replacement cartridges can cost around $30 for a pack of 8. That breaks down to $3.75 per cartridge. Depending on how often you shave and replace your blades that gets really expensive really fast.

Enter the Dollar Shave Club.

I’ve been seeing their hilarious ads on Youtube and TV for awhile. Under all the humor the service sounded like a great deal. While most of their advertising targets men I decided to give the service a try, because shaving isn’t gender specific and neither should the associated products. 

There are three plans, ranging in price from $1 to $9 per month. The difference between the plans are in the size/style of the blade heads and shipping charges. The $6 and $9 per month plans come with free shipping. I decided to go with the $6 per month plan, I’m a sucker for free shipping. 

The $6 package gets you 4 blades/heads a month with free shipping and handling. The first package that comes has one handle, four blades, and a sample of their shave butter. 

The Service was easy and quick. The website is very easy to navigate and signing up was a breeze. Also, I love how they emailed me before my replenishment shipment went out to give me a chance to add to or change my services before it shipped out.

The Shipping was fast, like shockingly quick. Less than a week from the time I signed up to when I got the first package. The replacement blades came right on time. In fact, they arrived before I need them. So bonus.

Additional note: The service is available in the USA, Canada, and Australia. 

The Packaging is beautiful and hilarious. It has all kinds of humors anecdotes and plays on words all over the box and interior parts. If you’re a fan of graphic design and typography (which I am) you’ll have to fight the urge to not save every piece of the packaging. 

The Handle is a pretty standard, masculine coded design. It’s thick, has good weight to it, and a comfortable angle to grip in your hand. Plus there are plenty of texturized bits all over the handle to keep it form slipping even when it's wet. 

Note: If you loose or break your handle you can add a new one to your regular monthly order for $4. This is a nice feature if more than one person in the same house hold want to share the service. My husband and have our own handles. 

The Razor are freaking sharp! Holy crap. Wow, they make shaving fast and easy. Be careful shaving tight corners and angles, like your ankles or chin. Be especially careful shaving around the public area and labia with these blades. It's all fun and games until you nick your clit. 

Important Note: I’ve seen some reviews discussing people having difficulty with rinsing hair out of the head of the blade. I didn’t run into this problem, but it’s a far critique of the design of how the blade head attaches to the handled. Which causes it to have to be rinsed out more often when shaving thick hair growth. So if you have lots of dense amounts of thick, course hair this way affect how it performs for you. 

The Shaving Butter was really nice. I got a free sample with my initial kit. It smelled pleasant and left my skin nice and smooth. However, based on the ingredients and the fact that the entire kit is geared toward cis-men, I wouldn't recommend using it on or near the pubic area. No one wants a vaginal infection.

In summary, I love the product and the service. I’m saving a ton of money on blades and am able to shave more often without fearing razor burn from dull blades, since I’m not trying to make expensive razors last longer. On the whole I highly recommend the Dollar Shave Club for anyone who shaves any part of their body regularly. 

Additional note: I think it's a HUGE miss on the part of Dollar Shave Club that they're not marketing to women. Not that they need to make the razors pink or change the packaging at all. Every woman I know who shaves already uses men's razors, because they work better and are often cheaper. I think it's easy money to add onto their existing campaign to also appeal to women. Especially if they pitch the whole idea that couples can share the service. 

Dollar Shave Club is a great service for an affordable price. I highly recommend it. It also makes a great gift for anyone who shaves regularly, no matter their gender.

Happy Grooming.


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