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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Evil Dead Remake: A Slap in the Face for Fans and Women.

The Evil Dead remake was underwhelming and, despite the amped up gore, also boring as hell. The pacing was slow, the plot was convoluted and in the end I was done with the movie before we even got halfway through. I did watch all the way to the end, and there is an awesome easter egg at the end of the credits (a cameo from the original Ash, Bruce Campbell).

I would say that cameo is the only thing worth seeing in the movie, but the gore effects are pretty cool (if you like horror and gore), and actress Jane Levy, who plays Mia (aka Girl!Ash) acts her ass off in the film. She's on my ones to watch list, because she was balls out both as possessed!Mia and believable emo, drug addict Mia. Honestly, she was the best of the entire cast and story, and should have been the focus of the entire film (not just as a live-action horror prop).

That's the biggest miss of the movie, that made just about every mistake a remake can make. The things they changed either didn't make sense or were under used (like changing the gender of Ash). What they did keep from the original film didn't make sense in the new story, either because it wasn't set up or was outdated (especially when it comes the tree-rape scene that came off as more lame than scary or gross).

In the end, the Evil Dead remake squander it's potential and ended up annoying and insulting this old school fan of the franchise. By the time I made it to the home-stretch of the film, when it actually shows some promise, I was so annoyed that they made me wade through boring recycled bullshit to only spend a few minutes on a badass, chainsaw-wielding, one-handed, FEMALE Ash (The main reason I chose to see the film in the first place) that I couldn't enjoy it.

Even my husband, who watched for the gore and nostalgia was bored, and played Candy Crush on his phone in between the gory scenes. So this disappoints both old school fans of the series, fans of gore and female fans hoping for a little less rape and objectification of women.

That last bit was the hardest and most insulting pill to swallow, because the press for this film made a big deal about the change of the Ash character to a girl, and made it a selling point of the film. Then they made me sit through women being brutalized, raped and dehumanize before it gave me a handful of minutes with the empowered female protagonist they promised me.

Fuck that!

In summary, this was a really expensive, poorly executed advertisement for the Army of Darkness remake. I hope to hell they put more effort and thought into that remake or Raimi, Tapert and Campbell may have lost me (and my money) for good.

Ugh, I need a shower.