Sunday, September 29, 2013

Transgender Girls Need Love Too.

It’s isn’t easy to find erotic transgender romance novels. That is not to say there isn’t a wealth of pornography (both visual and literary) featuring transgender people, but not a lot of it is romantic. Which is very disheartening.

However, while I was searching I discovered this diamond in the rough. Aphrodite Calling isn’t just an erotic romance about a transgender woman finding love. It is also an urban fantasy about a lonely love god finally finding his soulmate in a very special mortal woman.

I must confess, this book charmed me from the first page. It is a fairy tale complete with love/lust at first sight, villainy, and fantastical world-rocking sex. The fact that our heroine is transgender only sweetened the story for me.

Gina won my heart. While she has had a hard road in life, she remains courageous and optimistic. I adore how she handles Himeros’ overwhelming personality. She asks the right questions, wonders if he’s for real, but also is daring enough to take a leap of faith.

Himeros is all Alpha male, and completely unphased by the fact that Gina was once Gerry. He embraces who she is and is absolutely enchanted by this unique woman. It is easy to believe he is a love god with his loud pronouncements of how sexy Gina is and his complete lack of pretense in his desire to be with her.
“Himeros.” She took a deep breath and pressed back as far as she could against the wall. “I’m not, well, I wasn’t…” Just say the damn words. Get it over with. “I wasn’t always like I am now. I used to be—”

“You were born with male genitalia, and you lived as a man for the first twenty-four years of your life. You were Gerry, and now you are Gina. I know, gorgeous woman. I told you, I already know. Open your eyes and see how much I want you right now.”

When they consummate their mutual attraction it is sweet, sensual and even a bit surprising. There is no shying away from the fact that this is Gina’s first time having sex as a woman and Himeros does everything he can to make it the best. At the same time Gina with her strength and courage breaks through Himeros’ defences, touching the man inside the god. That takes the story from a fun lusty must read to a true rated romance.

“Aphrodite? You’ve mentioned her already tonight. She was a goddess, wasn’t she? The goddess of sex?”

“Is,” he corrected gently. “She is the goddess of so many things. Love, beauty, pleasure. She is all things woman. And you have found her. In here.” He touched the valley beneath her left breast, and her eyes filled with sudden moisture.

Not again. She looked upward for a moment in a futile attempt to prevent them spilling out, then gave up and let the tears fall down her cheeks. “Yes, I think I might have. At last.” Two wet splotches rained onto Himeros and she reached out, intending to smear them away, but he caught her hand and raised it to his lips. As she felt the press of his mouth in the center of her palm she smiled. “You’re right. It is time for us to make love.”

Aphrodite Calling is a sweet, sensual, romantic tale of two people finding love and each other. It will steal your heart, make you hot and leaving you smiling once it’s over.


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